«Rebellion» a form of inspiration found in every aspect of life

«I simply cannot stand people’s tendency to become conservative. There’s always a move back to established conventions, otherwise upcoming waves would be soon categorized as common sense. Even the term avant-garde – avant-garde is now just a tiny fashion category. It became so cheap and pretentious. I hate it. But still, I strongly believe in the avant-garde spirit: to voice opposition to traditional values. It is not just a youthful sentiment; I live my life by it. Rebellion. You will only be able to oppose something and find something of your own after traveling the long road of tradition.»

Yohji Yamamoto


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«Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.»

Since ever, I had the belief that in every aspect of life everybody needs inspiration. Especially when it comes to art. I always strive to find role models, people to look up to, ways of thinking that can make my mind and my craft to go one step further!


Oooh Fashion!

when fashion meets music and photography, then an idea becomes Inspiration..

– To celebrate David Bowie’s lasting influence on fashion, Nick Knight unearths previously unseen footage from his archive. For British Vogue’s May 2003 issue, Knight shot Kate Moss in key pieces from Bowie’s collection, including the adored blue Freddie Buretti suit from the 1972 ‘Life on Mars’ video. Watch the shoot, explore unreleased Bowie material, and stay tuned for a panel discussion.



The avant-garde (from French, «advance guard» or «vanguard», literally «fore-guard») are people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox, with respect to art, culture, and society. It may be characterized by nontraditional, aesthetic innovation and initial unacceptability, and it may offer a critique of the relationship between producer and consumer. Sam McKnight on Tilda Swinton

A fresh start!

This is my very first post on my blog «vassilisdiamantopoulos.blog»

This blog is a way of expressing my passion for the art of hairdressing. It’s a way to share our way of life in the salon following our ideas and our passion to create beautiful hair. It’s a way to share my ideas, my inspiration, my way of thinking and my belief that hairdressing is something much more than a job or an occupation. It’s art in its purest form.